Alaska Waste - Wasilla
For All Your Refuse & Recycling Needs
Physical Address:
2400 Polar Bear Drive
Wasilla, AK 99654

Hours of Operation: Call Alaska Waste - Wasilla for more information.
Phone: (907)376-2158

Alaska Waste - Wasilla serves Wasilla and MatSu in the following areas of business:
  • Environmental & Ecological Services: MatSu commonly provides Environmental and Ecological Services and environmental consultants, biological analysis services, endangered species services, environmental and ecological services
  • Garbage Collection: MatSu commonly provides Garbage Collection and garbage removal, trash removal, garbage services, waste pick up
  • Sanitation Consultants: MatSu commonly provides Sanitation Consultants and foods safety consultants, septic designers, warehouse foods storage consulting, refuse systems consulting
  • Utility Companies: MatSu commonly provides Utility Companies and electric company, gas companies, water companies, sewage companies, waste removal companies, garbage companies, cable services companies, satellite tv companies
  • Chemical & Radioactive Waste Disposal: MatSu commonly provides Chemical & Radioactive Waste Disposal and chemicals wastes deposals, radioactive waste disposal, hazardous waste removal, wastewater disposal, hazardous materials disposal, absorbents, grease solvents, oil cleaners, oil and grease removers, incinerators, environmental hazardous materials disposal, oil disposal, chemicals disposal, industrial chemical and radioactive waste disposal services
  • Industrial Waste Reduction, Disposal & Recycling Equipment: MatSu commonly provides Industrial Waste Reduction, Disposal and Recycling Equipment and commercial compactors, balers, waste management services, waste removal and disposal, recycling equipment, absorbents, grease solvents, oil cleaners, oil and grease removers, waste, incinerator, environmental waste reduction disposal and recycling equipment, hazardous materials reduction disposal and recycling equipment, oil disposal and recycling equipment, chemical waste disposal and recycling equipment, industrial wastes disposal and recycled equipment
  • Medical Waste Removal: MatSu commonly provides Medical Waste Removal and bio-hazardous waste removal, personal protective equipment, sharps containers, medical wastes removal services, steri-safe, absorbents removal, grease solvents, oil cleaners, oil and grease removers, incinerators, environmental hazardous materials removal, oil removal, chemical disposal, industrial medical removal
  • Recycling: MatSu commonly provides Recycling and recycle waste, electronic recycling, environmental clean-up, green businesses, reclaim and recycle, disposal of recyclable goods, toxic chemicals recycling, hazardous materials recycling, junk cars, junk trucks
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